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Panels for the EcoTram

The panels shown are for the interior of the EcoTram, a radical new design in ecological and economical travel. Part of the Government’s £500m Beeching Reversal Program, we are proud to be working with Ultra Light Rail Partners Ltd and Biomethane Ltd, who are developing this amazing system.


Specialized reinforcement. What makes composites so versatile is the ability to engineer the materials and reinforcements in 3D. This is how we get the best combination of weight, cost and strength. The roof in the picture has four different types of glassfibre reinforcing; chopped strand mat, woven rovings, biaxial glassfibre…

Cast of Meleager

Famed in Greek mythology, Meleager saved the day when a grumpy Artemis, after not getting a mention in his dad’s speech, set loose a giant boar to ravage, of all places, the much prized vineyards! Faced with the prospect of no wine Meleager, and his then girlfriend Atlanta set off,…